“The Bad Boys of Jazz Tour” 201

“The Bad Boys of Jazz Tour” 201

04.11.2014 / Posted by Hypnotic

The Bros, aka HBE, aka #badboysofjazz

are coming to Europe in a couple weeks to promote our "new music".

Entitled the "Bad Boys of Jazz", the fellas have have come into a state of maturity, created a new sound. And that this new sound fit's into a space that's brand new, yet still ancient as each day. If you are a fan of song's like, " Kryptonite", and "All In". Then you're bound to loose your marbles to new song's like "Coffee" and "Yo Friends". HBE will always stay true to our original idea of total brass dominating our music. In maturing musically, and sonically, the band has moved in a progressive direction. That continue's to explore all the musical possibilities granted in creating a great song. So come enjoy with us, always a high and energetic performance by #yourfavband.


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