Enjoying Finally Performing in the US

Enjoying Finally Performing in the US

21.02.2017 / Posted by Hypnotic

So far, this entire 2017 winter/spring performances by yours truly, will be states side. 

Touring the east coast, west coast, down south, and up north. Our plan has always been

to create music everyone can relate to. The world has accepted our music into their lives. 

It's only right that we continue to share it with our countrymen and countrywomen. The most

impressive and most impactful addition that we've added to performing is, performing for

young students. Helping to shape future minds and give them positive inspiration for growth.

Come with us as we step into these new arenas, with true energy, influence and incredible

music. Check our site for dates or your local listings. 

And NO, we haven't forgotten the rest of the world who's continually supports. We just wanna

hangout at home a bit