Catch Yo Boyz Summer 2016

Catch Yo Boyz Summer 2016

09.07.2016 / Posted by Hypnotic

To the world of loyal HBE fans, we are coming. Yes you catch us somewhere on the planet performing, and having a great time. We hope you'll be there...

Yes we do clean up well. We don't always have to dress comfortable. Ladies you can definitely take us home to meet the parent's. Or we just look good as arm candy.

The new music is hot, the summer is sizzling, and we're heading to a club, festival or private party near you. Be sure to get ticket's, and tell your friends. Because we guarantee that they'll thank you sincerely for showing them a great night.

The greatest thing is, allllll of our shows are posted for the rest of this year. Just click "TOUR DATES"

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble performs within the United States 2016

28.01.2016 / Posted by Hypnotic

Wassup World,


Hypnotic Brass Ensemble aka "Bad Boys Of Jazz" aka "Tha Bros" aka "Yo Favorite Band", are moving in a different direction. And with that new road, we keeping some of the same visions before. We have been known to have one of the livest musical shows or live stage performances on the planet. And with that, we have never really gotten our feet wet inside our home country (USA). Well, for all of our loyal fans who found HBE on the internet, or someone who knows someone else. And told another few people about the band, that reside in these 50 great states. We have finally found a way to perform in the US. What's interesting is... Just that fact... HBE has never toured in the USA. We've toured in Canada, Mexico, S. America (Brazil, Columbia, Argentina), UK, Europe, Ireland, Australia, New Zeland, Japan, Nigeria, S. Africa, etc, multiple times, for many years. But haven't gotten the proper US experience yet. Honestly, that's been because we've never had a US booking agent. And now, that's exactly what we have on deck. And the band is extremely excited and looking forward to performing this incredibly creative music for the home team. We want you all to click our tour dates icon above to find out when and where you can see the illustrious Hypnotic Brass Ensemble in North America (USA) this year and beyond. Still getting those passport stamps, but showing long awaited LOVE to these city streets. We want everybody to continue to support this movement. Because all of you, literally saved our lives from potential perill. Being from the south side of Chicago, success stories seem like fantacies and fables. Until you're given out, and music was ours. That's why we always say that "we are fans of our fans". Because without real radio, internet, paper print, or tv press, HBE has survived. Not have we survived, but we've created something bigger than our own personal lives (HBE Music). So, until we come rolling through your city, I bid you all PEACE & LOVE.

Hard Work and Pure Sacrifice

23.12.2015 / Posted by Hypnotic

So, we've made it through another year. And this year was full of ups and downs for HBE. But through the fire, we have survived the burn. In other words, we have done what's necessary to complete another cycle around the Sun. The band travels the globe every year. Most times, landing in new territories. Meeting new faces, presenting our brand to new minds and cultures. Then other times, we're returning to reinforce and reiterate our last point. And lay down fresh statement's. Meaning, our music has a message that is always evolving. And we're totally grateful to have an outlet for exposing it to the world. We are true FANS of our FANS. We love people who love us back. We feed heavily off of other peoples energy. And gladly give huge loads of energy to feed from for the people. From wherever we go, to wherever we come from. To whomever listens, or witness and experience the sounds of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Whether it's inside the US, UK, EU, S. America, Mexico, Canada, or any other place we've performed this past year. From every once of spirit we can muster, HBE loves you all for your continued support. And wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. Love, kiss, and hug your family. And tell them how much they mean to you, then show them...


Until next year Earth... Hypnotic loves you

Finish 2015 Strong

13.10.2015 / Posted by Hypnotic

So, we've been grinding a long time on this independent route. It has had multiple ups and downs. People definitely love you when the press is all in your face or other celebrities are checking for you. Then when the tide is low, they don't pick up the phones. Lesson's to be learned in any career choice you choose. But HBE is never bitter, because we definitely know our path is a great path. And a great destiny is on our side. The creator and the ancestors have always guided us. And as our father has always reminded us that, "as long as we stay together, there is nothing we can't accomplish". So as we complete this year with touring in S. America and Europe. We want you guys to stay tuned in for 2016, because our HOME (USA) will began to see more of the new Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. We started out marketing and promoting our music on the streets off Chicago, and New York. Then got the opportunity to perform all over this world. Enlightening audiences on the smallest to largest stages. Being ambassador's for our community, our family, our city, and our country. We have grown as men, fathers, brothers, sons, and plan to continue to be a beacon light for the future. Please check our videos, spread and share our music with your friends. And let's continue on this wonderful adventure. 


Southside Music Series presents Bad Boys Of Jazz in Chicago

Southside Music Series presents Bad Boys Of Jazz in Chicago

19.09.2015 / Posted by Hypnotic

SMS welcomes Hypnotic Brass Ensemble back to Chicago for no other purpose than it being HOME. 

September 28th marks the second event with these two organization collaborating together, to bring a

great musical event to Chicago. Although it's being presented in Evanston, it'll still have the Chicago vibe. 

The plan is to create a platform for world class musicians to perform for a world class audience. Chicago is

deeply rooted in birthing some of the most influential artist/musicians/dancers this world has ever seen. So

its only right that HBE sit at the table with GOD's. So please come check out it out, and witness what your 

neighbors are doing. You'll definitely be impressed by the music and the atmosphere. This is September 28th,

at Space, in Evanston, IL, 1245 Chicago Avenue. 

“Bad Boys Of Jazz” new video “What It Is”!!!

“Bad Boys Of Jazz” new video “What It Is”!!!

19.08.2015 / Posted by Hypnotic

Wassup World,

As the Bad Boys Of Jazz continue to pick steam, we release another GREAT song. And it's guaranteed to represent 100% of what the new bands sound, vibe and energy is. After performing and recording the last year and a half without a tuba/sousaphone. HBE has developed a new and authentic brand of hypnotic music. 

So, our next video/single is, "What It Is". You can click on the "What It Is" video, at the top of this page. 

We want you to enjoy it and share it... Please subscribe to our YouTube page (Hypnotic Brass TV). Also available on iTunes, soundcloud. #WhatItIs #BadBoysOfJazz 

Bad Boy of Jazz take over “Taste Of Chicago” July 8, 2015

Bad Boy of Jazz take over “Taste Of Chicago” July 8, 2015

04.07.2015 / Posted by Hypnotic

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble returns to their roots within city streets of Chicago to perform at this summers "Taste of Chicago" on the Bud Light Stage, @6:30pm. It's gonna be the best SHOW that we give. Because it's one the best homecomings we can have after what we've accomplished. From marketing and promoting our CDs outside the Taste back in 1999 - 2005, to traveling the world, then coming full circle to performing on stage in Grant Park. 

Dont Miss Out!!!!!!

Fresh Off The Boat

22.04.2015 / Posted by Hypnotic

We just landed last night, and we're very grateful to be home. As well as, definitely honored to perform before great people in great cities, and countries. It's always treat for everyone I volved. We ventured off the road and found ourselves in the ruins of Belchite. Took some great photos you guys will soon see on Facebook and Instagram. Yo boys work hard and the "Bad Boys Of Jazz Spring Tour" was a success. Highlights included Mos Def aka Yasin Bey rushing the stage in London, at Ronnie's Scott's. Then later recording with both him and Asap Rocky. Other high points performing new songs, such as "Straight Business", "What It Is", & "My Ship" to name a few. These songs are part of the new Bad Boys Of Jazz project. 

Next stop is Art Of Cool Festival in Duhram, NC, and then Mexico. Be sure to check our tour dates and get tickets soon. You definitely be loved for telling someone else about us. We are definitely fans of our fans, so come say "wassup" when you see us. 




02.02.2015 / Posted by Hypnotic


Yo favorite band has the opportunity to attend and perform at this years SXSW Musical Festival

We're are planning to take over with multiple performances at the festival. Hopefully we can inspire every investor into buying into our brand and music.

It's most definitely time for HBE to be seen in our home country more often. And the only way that'll happen, is to get our music heard by the powers that be.

We have a new sound, new attitude, and great new music. We are ready for our people to love us the same as the rest of the world.

If you're attending SXSW, be sure to check out HBE everywhere we're listed to perform. And we thank you in advance for your support.


Bad Boys Of Jazz in Chicago

Bad Boys Of Jazz in Chicago

30.12.2014 / Posted by Hypnotic

Yo boyz are back in town, and we're bringing of some our new found homies, artist, and friends with us.

Don't miss out on the SMS (Southside Music Series), starting January 15th, 2015 @ Promontory in Hyde Park, Chicago.

The first of many shows to come, where HBE re-connect's with the city of our birth. And the many talented and loyal community

in which we sprouted from. Our first guests are the Legendary "De La Soul"...


Get Ticket's now at The Promontory box office, or online.